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On the 9th Day of Christmas: Peaceful Forest Necklace

A totem style pendant of art beads is accented by repeating stacks of glass beads in coordinating colors in this winter inspired necklace. I knotted between each bead, letting the dark green waxed linen cord show between the beads.


48″ 4-ply waxed linen cord

Winter Branches house bead

Ceramic twig bead

Ceramic peace bead

Enamel maple leaf charm

8″ 19 gauge blackened steel wire

15mm brass jump ring

Copper toggle clasp and bar

24 6mm melon Czech glass beads

22 10mm faceted rondelle Czech glass beads

22 8mm x 6mm English cut beads

22 5mm faceted rondelle beads

22 electroplated brass spacers

Steel Wire Tips: Prep the steel wire by first wiping it off with a paper towel, then clean with steel wool and seal with Renaissance wax. Use only Xuron heavy duty wire cutters or memory wire cutters with steel wire. You can substitute 18 gauge copper wire for this project.

1. Create a loop 2″ from the bottom of the wire, open the loop and slide on the leaf charm. Close the loop and wrap the remaining wire around the top of the loop.

2. String on the peace bead, twig bead and house bead. Create a wrapped loop on top of the house bead.

3. Attach the 15mm jump ring to the top of the pendant.


4. Fold the wax linen cord in half, creating a loop at the center of the cord. Slip the cord through the jump ring, pull the ends of the cord through the loop to create a larks knot with the waxed linen.

5. On one side of the cord, string on the beads in this order and tie an over hand knot between each bead. Melon bead, large rondelle bead, English cut bead, small rondelle, brass spacer. Repeat this pattern 10 more times. String on one melon bead and knot.

6. Repeat the pattern on the other side of the necklace.

7. Wrap the cord two times through the loop on the clasp and tie a knot under the clasp.  Tie several knots over the cord underneath the clasp back down on the cord until you reach the melon bead.

Note: I did brush on a little Vintaj Patina paint on the clasp to give it a frosted look to match my focal bead. Just brush it on and let it dry.


House bead: Humblebeads.com. Enamel leaf (Gardanne Beads) ArtBeads.com. Peace bead and twig: Diane Hawkey. Glass beads and spacers: LimaBeads.com. Linen cord: ClassicElements.Etsy.com.


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