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On the 8th Day of Christmas: Festive Mismatched Earrings

My friend who is a weaver gave me this large tassel she made with the full knowledge that I would be snipping pieces off of it to make jewelry.  (If you have noticed the white sparkles–it was snowing when I took this picture.)

For my Festive Earrings Tutorial today, that is just what I did.


Here is what  you will need to make a pair something like these.

2 Ceramic Art Beads

2   Three to One Connectors

4   Copper Crimp covers 3.5mm

1   Pair of ear wires

2  5 inch strands of novlety yarn of your choice

2 pieces of balled end copper 20 gauge wire 8  inches long

2 silver or copper round metal heishi beads

2 4-5 mm round copper beads

I began by stringing the strands of novelty yarn through the 1st and 3rd loops of the Three to One Connector.


I secured the yarn with the copper crimp covers.

3.5 copper crimp bead covers from Rings and Things.com

Once I had the novelty yarn secured, I used the copper balled end wires to make wrapped loops on each of the art beads.  I attached them with the heishi and the copper beads. I then attached the ear wires through the top loop on the 3:1 connectors and was finished.

I think these earrings will be fun to wear to a New Year’s Eve party!!  They are colorful and bold and will help bring in the New Year with pizzazz!!

Thanks so much for stopping by.




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  1. Julie Leake
    December 20, 2017 at 8:19 pm

    I love this gift idea! How fun that you get to created from a friends ?! These earrings are so so cute, I love the edgy design and colors ?

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