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The Earring Whisperer: Like Disco Lemonade


“In platform double suede
Yeah there she was
Like disco lemonade”


I completely fell in love with these vibrant connectors by Josephine Beads.  The pattern thrills me to no end – and the colors… gah!  Love!

I wanted to keep these freeform and sparkly!  I used vintage Swarovski crystals that are highly faceted and have a flash of AB like a disco ball in the center.  On the outer portion, I used geometric shapes in different shades to bring out more color, but then, grounded the design with very dark oxidized metal rounds at the end.  I also used dark oxidized wire through the center of the clear beads to create a line to bring the design together and give it balance.




Magenta with orange is one of my favorite color combinations!  The colored drenched pewter charms are made by Inviciti Jewelry.

A funny thing happened while I was attaching the jump-rings to the charms.  I meant to just attach two rings side-by-side, but somehow accidentally crisscrossed them and it made the most interesting modern element!  Another happy accident.  I plan on doing this accidentally,

A while back, while shopping one of Andrew Thornton’s Destash events, I came across these wonderful vintage faceted tube beads.  They are also AB and throw off the most beautiful cast of purple and pinks with the base glass being an orange-peachy-pink!  So unique.  Andrew’s destashes are so much fun because you never know what he’ll be posting!  You can find Andrew and William Jones at Allegory Gallery!  They have an amazing collection of art-beads and vintage.



Faceted polymer beads by Alison Page of Alison Page Studios which I paired up with faceted pyrite.  I added rustic enameled head-pins to draw even more color.





The last two set of charms are also by Josephine Beads.  I’ve added some vintage milky opalescent glass with a gold foil which creates the most beautiful firey glow.    The flared little bead caps help balance the proportions between the larger round charm and the smaller glass round bead above it.



Sweet little drops in that same pretty painterly pink.  Milky white vintage tubes with gold encased foil bands.  Tiny little vintage bumpy puffs are sitting atop.


Hope you’re enjoying your summer and have found some inspiration with all these beautiful colors and cool patterns!  As always, it’s a pleasure to be here with you each month to show you what’s happening on my worktable.  Until next time!

Loralee xo

Loralee Kolton ~ artful jewelry in beads

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  1. Inviciti Jewelry
    July 10, 2018 at 9:40 am

    Love love love them all, my friend! fantastic work, Lora!

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