Strata Copper Pendant Tutorial

Create layers of marks on copper for an organic pendant to accompany a stack of art beads and stones.


3/8” x 1 1/4” copper sheet (26 gauge/.016”)

3 14mm polymer clay disk beads

4 10mm amethyst dog teeth beads

6 4mm copper plated hematite spacers

1 4mm glass o-ring bead

6” 18 gauge antique copper wire

6mm copper jump ring

12mm copper jump ring

2 4mm copper jump rings

6 links decorative copper plated chain

26” 2mm copper plated chain


Jewelry hammers (ball peen, texturing or embossing hammers), steel bench block, round nose and 2 chain nose pliers, wire cutters, metal file, 1.5mm metal hole punch, extended life liver of sulphur gel, extra fine steel wool, 600 grit sandpaper, pro polishing pad.

1. Place the pendant on the bench block, use one of the hammers to create a stripe of marks on 1/4 of the pendant. Leave a small space blank and create another stripe of marks on a 1/4 of pendant. Repeat with one more row of marks.

2. Use the metal hole punch to create a hole at the top of the pendant.

3. Use the metal file to round each corner of the pendant. Turn the pendant over and file over the punch hole to smooth it out. Sand the edges of the pendant with the sandpaper.

4. Use the liver of sulphur gel to darken the copper. Rub steel wool in a circular motion on the front of the pendant to bring out the highlights of the textured copper and on the back of the pendant. Rub over the surface of the front of pendant with the polishing pad.

5. Create a wrapped loop on the bottom of the 18 gauge wire.

6. On the wire string on an amethyst bead, spacer, and disk bead. In between each bead add a spacer, string on two disk beads and three amethyst beads. Create a wrapped loop at the top of the pendant.

7. Attach the copper pendant to the beaded link with the 6mm jump ring, slip on the glass o-ring on the jump ring before closing it.

8. Open the 12mm jump ring, string on the beaded link and both links of decorative chain. Close the jump ring,

9. Attach the 28” of chain to the ends of the decorative chain with 4mm jump rings.

Resources: copper sheet and wire: www.hobbylobby.com. Chain, jump rings: www.yadanabeads.etsy.com. Polymer beads: www.humblebeads.com. Amethyst: www.dakotastones.com. O-beads and hematite spacers: www.limabeads.com.


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